Local Restaurants & Food Chain: How Ratings can support restaurants!

Restaurants are classified into two categories: independent restaurants and chain restaurants. Independent restaurants typically have one-two restaurants in a small radius, which they manage themselves. Chain restaurants are corporate restaurant chains with a board of owners and are found throughout an entire region or nation. Here’s the significant difference between local restaurants and chain restaurants you need to know.

Independent Restaurants

Independent restaurants own their own. The owners are in charge of marketing, financing, branding and training involved in running a business. Owning an independent restaurant involves intense efforts because one needs to design everything from the core. The perk is that all the profits are solely yours as you have no one pay royalties for your concept.

Few features of independent restaurant owners:

Trailblazers: Independent restaurant owners use their creativity to design and develop a unique brand concept with out of the box thinking.
Entrepreneurs: True entrepreneurs own their business as well as their ideas. Independent restaurants work hard to make their vision a reality.
Type-A personalities: Independent restaurant owners often have a pattern of behaviour and character associated with high achievement, competitiveness, and impatience. This attitude allows them to give their best for their dreams!

Chain Restaurants

In chain restaurants, the owner of a trademarked restaurant passes purchase rights to use the chain’s brand and marketing materials for profit. The buyer pays royalties and advertising fees to the trademark owner. The franchisor offers marketing materials, training, and other benefits that independent restaurant owners have to develop. Ownership and management are separate. Large firms assign specialists to management functions such as marketing, operations, human resources, and financial accounting—the role of management changes with the firm’s growth.

Independent restaurants are comparatively easy to open, with a smaller investment, little knowledge of restaurant operations, and a strong desire to succeed. The key benefit of an independent restaurateur is that they can “do their own thing” in terms of concept development, decor, menus, etc.

How can Customer Rating Help Small Business Owners gain Business?

Restaurant marketing is complex. It is driven by countless digital marketing channels and refined tactics and strategies. Amid this marketing mayhem, customer rating is an overlooked channel that can open fortunes for restaurateurs.

Customer reviews and ratings can make or break your business. You may lose profits if due attention isn’t paid to online ratings and food review sites.

Why Are Customer Ratings Important?

  1. More and more, consumers are turning to the internet to help them make their dining decisions.
  2. Restaurant Ratings apps and food review sites are the most potent & inexpensive marketing commodity.
  3. More the positive ratings you receive, the more customers are likely to trust you, resulting in “improved foot traffic.
  4. Online rating plays a significant role in a restaurant’s success, driving more foot traffic and overall revenue.
  5. Positive customer ratings help grow the customer base, increase revenue, and drive down costs.

Foodaholix is a restaurant rating app that supports Local or independent restaurants through ratings while they put their best to provide quality service, excellent food and drink, and best experience. With all this, good ratings naturally follow to turn your business into a revenue generator and one of the most powerful marketing tools in your cache. Explore foodaholix today for more!

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