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Satisfy your craving with food & cuisines sourced from renowned restaurants and in your area. Find locally sourced items and explore something new every time you get hunger-pangs!

Get the Best!

Foodaholix lets you explore the best in the town. Peep through our app, what others like and share, and try your hands on it! Get a glance at the highest-rated dishes at restaurants near you, all based on food ratings from foodies in the town.

Exclusive Perks

Discover the best deals and restaurant rewards near you through our Food Rating App. Earn Goodies for each rating and referral point you get as you share it among your group!

Gateway to excellent deals and discounts

Affordability is an additional perk as you get to save money with deals and discounts offered by restaurants or our app on mouth-watering food in your proximity.

What’s in the package for Restaurant Owners?


Sign up with Foodaholix to tap immense potential with millions of hungry customers to serve!

Get more orders from Foodies for the best dishes on your menu! Foodaholix has your back with hassle-free access to technology and marketing tools to boost your growth. It's easy to get started; check out here now!

Target your Sales & Boost Revenue

With a community of foodies to serve, your business has never-ending opportunities to flourish and grow. You know strictly what people are following, liking and sharing. Based on insights from ‘Rate My Dinner’, you can mark your favourite dishes and maintain your menu at its best!

More Perks Here:

Every restaurant page has a 'claim ownership' button that you can use to take ownership of your restaurant. You can add dishes from your menu to the app to make it easier for users to find your dishes and your restaurant.

At your SERVICE! in San Francisco bay area [Get in touch or comments]

For Foodies

For Foodies

Hello foodies! We love to hear from customers what they think of Foodaholix! Please tell us what you like and how we an improvise and offer even better. Leave a Comment now! Get in Touch, please follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

For Restaurants

For Restaurants

Wish to get included in Foodaholix? Promote your best-selling dishes and determine what diners think about your food and the place. Get in Touch @ [mail or app help page]

Connect With Other Foodies

Connect With Other Foodies

Connect with other users on the app by showing your appreciation for their recommendations, and invite family and friends to join in on the fun and learn what their favorite dishes are!

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If ou have any comments, questions, or concerns, Feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to hear from you and we will tpically get back to you within 48 hours

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About Us

Not sure what to eat next in San Francisco bay area? We've got you covered. Foodaholix is a platform to help people find new dishes to try. The app focuses on rating individual dishes rather than restaurants. This specific approach allows foodies to focus on exploring & discovering various menu items from a variety of restaurants and establishments. This lets you decide, what to eat, not where to eat. Foodaholix is focused on raising the bar among other 'Food Review Apps'. Our users have the freedom to review menu items. Our food rating app is focused on spicing up your dining experience by showing you what other people in your area have tried, so you can see what's popular and what isn't. You'll be able to see photos and ratings of different appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages that are served at restaurants near you, and you can save the ones that interest you the most so that you can try them later on. You'll know we are different from other 'Food Review Sites', once you kick-start the journey with us!


To set a revolution among the Foodies to explore the best of Cuisines in close proximity in and around San Francisco bay area, and all through our 'Food Review App'

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everybody have the best possible meal.


We are bound to serve our customers and constantly improve your experience than yesterday. We work for you to expand horizons and find your soul food and rate & share your 'Food Review' with other to relish from your experience!

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If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to hear from you and we will typically get back to you within 48 hours.

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